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1. Duration- 2 Days
2. Gurudwara Darshan: Sri Tarn Taran Sahib, Sri Goindwal Sahib, Sri Khadoor Sahib, Sri Darbar Sahib 
3. Dinner at Haveli Restaurant – Day 1 
4. Day1 Start: 9:30am 


Get ready ,our cab will pick you from Hotel at 9.30am and leave for a smooth ride to  gurdwara  SRI TARN TARAN SAHIB. It is about at distance of 22km in the south east direction from Amritsar city .This  gurdwara  was  build in 1590 in  the mughal style architecture. It has the distinction of possessing the largest tank among all the gurdwaras.

Around 1590, the sikh guru Arjan dev ji, set out on a tour on the area between river beas and ravi. When he reached this place, now know as city of TARN TARAN,  bought some land to lay down the foundation of a gurdwara sabib, the gurdwara sri TARN TARAN  sahib, in the memory and honor of guru ram dass ji. He named this gurdwara as gurdwara sri TARN TARAN sahib and later on city was also named as SRI TARN TARAN.

Around 12.30 pm we will proceed towards very beautiful place GOINDWAL SAHIB.

Goindwal  sahib is a town located in Punjab at a distance of 23km from tarn taran sahib. The town has been an important center of pilgrimage for Sikhs since the 16th century. The town is situated on banks of river Beas and is an important center for the district. It was guru amar dass ji who worked for around  33 years in goindwal for spreading the teaching of Sikhism.

A  step well called Baoli was constructed here. People firmly believe that it is the baoli  where one can get moksha  and  mukti .  Goindwal  sahib is also the birth place of a much respected saint called guru Arjan  dev. Thereafter the place has the supreme religious important for Sikhs all over the world. Large number of tourists visit the gurdwara  Goindwal sahib to get the blessing of the divine souls.

The langer( pious meal ) of the gurdwara is huge and provides food to visitors throughout the day. Historians also reveal that  once Emperor Akbar visited the gurdwara and after meeting the guru had lunch served in langer.

After getting divine blessing and having langer ,we  will travel to holiest place gurdwara Khadoor Sahib. The village of Khadoor Sahib is near the Beas river about  38 km from Amritsar and about 5 km from Goindwal Sahib. Khadoor Sahib is a sacred place  where Guru Angad, the second master lived for 13 years spreading the universal message of Guru Nanak. Here he introduced Gurmukhi  lipi,wrote the first Gurmukh primer, established the first sikh school and prepared the first Gutka of  Guru Nanak sahib Bani.

Around 4.30pm we will travel back to Amritsar. On the way we will stop for refreshment,  tea and vegetarian food  at HAVELI . It is a nice place to see and feel pulse of punjab with beautiful exhibition of Punjabi culture, surrounded by picture perfect environment. There after around  7.30pm we will travel back to our hotel.

DAY 2.

For our second day our cab will do pick-up from hotel at 9.30am and leave for to visit Sri Darbar Sahib golden temple Amritsar. The  most holy place for the sikh community is the gurdwara  Harminder sahib or Darbar sahib. The gurdwara is famously known as Golden temple, which is part of Amritsar a city of Punjab state. The gurdwara was constructed in 16th century by guru arjan dev ji  who was fifth sikh guru .It is believed that the sacred Adi  granth for sikh community was written by guru arjan dev ji in the year 1604  and was put up in the premises of gurdwara. The gurdwara can be entered through four different doors that signifies ingenuousness of the sikh community by allowing people from any religion to worship the place. The gurdwara that stands in the current days was re-constructed by Jassa singh Ahuwalia with the support of sikh mises in the year 1764. The gold that surrounds the upper part of the gurdwara was the work of maharaja Ranjit singh.

The sikh community worship this place as the most holy place . The gurdwara premises houses the holiest sikh scripture that is sri guru  granth  sahib .This type of architecture gives to this place is such, that  it allow people from all communities ,whether it is men ,women or children to worship this holy place with pure heart. Daily this place is worshiped by almost one lac people.

After divine blessing and worship at golden temple we will visit Sri akal takhat. The Akal takhat is an impressive building that sites directly in front of the causeway leading to golden temple. The Akal takhat was founded by Guru Hargobind on june 15,1606 and was established as a place from where the spiritual and temporal concern of the sikh community could be acted upon.

A sikh temple without langer is inconceivable . We will all move to langer hall  for langer(pious meal). Cooked food is served in the kitchen 24 hours to all visitors irrespective of religion, caste ,creed, and nationality.

Our tour end with blessing, prayers and new thinking . Lets be humble, kind and good human. Around 1.30pm our cab will drop you back to  hotel.

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  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Air Conditioned Cab
  • Professional Guide
  • Fresh Water/ Juice/ Soft Drinks
  • Dinner or Lunch Included
  • Easy Cancellation

Holiday Inn Amritsar

Offering an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and a sauna, Holiday Inn Amritsar Ranjit Avenue provides modern accommodation in Amritsar. It is 6 km from the famous Golden Temple.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel is just 500 m away from Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport. It features on-site dining restaurants, an outdoor pool and a fitness centre. Free Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel. A complimentary shuttle service is provided to the Golden Temple

Hyatt Amritsar

Hyatt Amritsar is 4.5 km from the famous Golden Temple. It is 5 km from the historic Jallianwala Bagh and Amritsar Railway Station. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.

Additional Info

  • Duration : 2 Days
  • Person : 5 Person
  • Price : US $75
  • Location : Amritsar,Punjab

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